Tharwat Sharawi (73) L, and Maram Hassouna (19) R.

IOF return bodies of teenager and old woman

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Occupoation Forces (IOF) Tuesday evening have returned the bodies of Maram Hassouna (19) from Nablus, and Tharwat al-Sharawi (73) from Hebron. Hassouna’s body was detained by IOF for over 20 days, when soldiers shot her dead at Innab checkpoint west of Tulkarm, claiming she attempted to stab a soldier.

Shortly after, IOF returned the body of 73 year old Tharwat Sharawi, from Hebron, who was buried in Ras al-Jora neighbourhood in Hebron after funeral prayers in al-Sharawi mosque.

Tharwat’s car after the shooting

Tharwat was shot with more than 20 bullets in her car over a month ago, when soldiers said she “ran into a group of soldiers.”

Video footage showed that the woman was driving slowly in the direction of the side of the road which leads to a gas station. No soldiers were injured, but they immediately opened fire on her car, leading to her immediate death.

Public Prosecutor’s Office was supposed to respond to the court on Tuesday, but the office preferred to hand Sharawi’s body without issuing a decision.

On Sunday night, IOF have handed in the body of Rasha Oweissi (24) whom they killed on 9 November on Eliyahu checkpointin Qalqilya, under the pretext of stabbing attempt.

The bodies are handed to the families under Israeli conditions that include the time, place and number of people participating in the funeral. In addition, some families are fined with thousands of dollars in order to retain the body. The fine could reach up to 20,000 NIs (approx $5,500).

Detention of the bodies was explained as a punishment for the victim even after their death. However, some reports show that Israel is benefiting from the bodies by harvesting their organs.

Following medical examinationsAfter returning the seized bodies of Palestinians killed by the occupying forces through October, it has been reported that the bodies were returned with missing corneas and other organs, PA envoy to the UN Riyad Mansour said, according to a report in Days of Palestine.

Mansour added: “This confirms previous reports about Israeli occupation harvesting organs of Palestinian martyrs killed during clashes or in protests.”

This is not the first time that it has been revealed that the Israeli occupation harvest human organs. Credible international sources and investigators have on several occasions times proved that.

At least 125 Palestinians have been killed by IOF since the start of October. On the Israeli side, 22 soldiers and settlers were killed.