Video: Tree killed by the Israeli wall turned into Christmas tree, Bethlehem

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) on Monday evening lightened up an olive Christmas tree, that was uprooted by Israeli occupation in Bir Ouna valley in Beit Jala town, Bethlehem.

The tree was decorated with both oppression and resistance tools; It had  bullets, teargas canisters, wires, walls, and also had the Palestinian Kufiyyeh, slingshots, and photos of Palestinian children killed or imprisoned by occupation.

Photos included child prisoner Ahmad Manasrah (13) who was shot and tortured by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem under the stabbing pretext, and Ahmad Dawabsheh (4), the only survivor of the Dawabsheh family, who were burned alive by Israeli settlers.

The tree was surrounded by messages calling for ending the Israeli occupation and lit candles for the souls of more than 120 victims killed in only three months.

Inside the tree, PSCC planted another young tree, as a representation of hope and Palestinian resilience, and life coming out of the womb of death.

Head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Munther Amira said that the tree was a witness to Israeli massacres and occupation, and that decorating it sends a message of life.

“We planted a living tree inside the dead tree as a message for hope, to say that we will continue our struggle against the occupation and will not give up.

To her part, Lama Nazeeh from PSCC said that Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus is supposed to be the land of peace but unfortunately it’s full of pain and blood.

“Christmas is a holy period that represents the holy spirit of the city. Bringing this tree here, which is full of resistance forms such as the wall, the imprisoned children, the flag, the teargas canisters, means a lot to the Palestinian people, because both Christians and Muslims suffer from the occupation.”

Secretary General of the Palestine National Initiative (Mubadara) movement, Mustafa Barghouthi said that Jesus was the first Palestinian to suffer here, and now all Palestinians are carrying on his journey.

Barghouthi added that “Israel has closed down all possibilities and negotiations leaving the people with only one choice, that is resistance against oppression for the freedom, because without struggle we can’t achieve anything

Activist Mohammad Al-Khatib from PSCC said that “this tree has been killed by the Israeli wall in Bir Ouna. This wall that destroyed the land and took our resources all over Palestine. This tree is a message that we deserve to celebrate, we deserve joy and that we will fight for our freedom till the last breath

Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera Baboun assured the Palestinian resistance and existence in this land.

“We will always remain here, praying and working for the peace that we deserve, and work together to keep the bells ringing, Baboun said.

“Let them kill, we will bring life
let them uproot, we will plant.”


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