Greece, Europe, and Palestine

by Najeh Shahin

I love Greece. Not only because of Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Oedipus, the Greek charming mythology, but also because Greece has always been part of our “world”. Greece is part of the old Canaanite world where the Canaanite alphabet, olive oil, thyme, and wheat bread is dominant. Above all modern Greece was different from the EU in its foreign politics, note worthy is the Late Greek recognition of Israel in 1990, that is after the PLO itself. George Papandreou was probably the leader who supported the Palestinian rights more than any other leader in the world. Surely more than the majority of the Arab kings and sultans.That is why I felt somehow disappointed with the fact that the recognition of “Palestine” is going to be held by the Parliament and not the government, obviously because they don’t want to disturb the course of the nice relations with Israel.

It is sad to say that this reluctant Greek move comes longtime after the move of Britain last year. This move was followed by Portugal, Belgium, France, Ireland and Spain.

The European position toward Palestine has always made use of “positive” gestures to encourage the Palestinians to make more concessions in favor of Israel. However, Israel receives real material support that changes the balance of power in a decisive way. Germany has approved to grant Israel a gift of six Dolphin-class submarines considered the most sophisticated of its kind in the whole world. The fifth one is to be delivered soon.

Britain in Palestine is infamous first and foremost for the Belfour Declaration and the support of the first waves of Jewish migrants to Palestine in order to build the Zionist sate. The shameful way in which the British troops rushed to leave Haifa in April 1948 is a record. They shrugged their shoulders as though they have no responsibility and the left the Arab-Palestinian people to face the destiny of cleansing.

France under Charles De Gaulle was the major country who helped Israel to be a nuclear power though some contribution was made by Belgium.

It is hardly surprising that European states support Israeli colonialism. Modern Europe excluding Greece has been in a process of offensive bloody imperialist wars since the beginning of the sixteenth century. North America (Canada and the U.S) is the legal kid of imperialist Europe. The pattern of ethnic cleansing adopted in the Americas is possibly the one adopted by Israel in Palestine. If Pennsylvania and Massachusetts could be the “promised” land, Palestine is the Promised Land per se. And if God could tolerate the ethnocide and cleansing of the “red Indians” (The philistines and Canaanites of the Americas) then how could He be reluctant to support the genocide of the “real” Palestinians?

To make use of some analogy, let’s bring to the readers’ attention the European political behavior and its role in the destruction of the modern Arab nationalist secular states in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The European states do a very dirty job in their alleged war against Islamic fundamentalist terror (ISIS and al-Nusra) when in reality they have been doing their best to undermine the basis of the modern state and society in order to contribute to the American-Israeli project of the “Condoleezza rice’s new middle east”.

That being said I hope that Greece under Alexis Tsipras is able despite the deep financial crisis to set a different example in internal and foreign politics not only for neighboring countries but also for every country in Europe.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not represent the views of PNN. 


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