Delays preventing the progress of criminal proceedings against the murderer of the martyr Nadeem Nowarah

Nowarah family express their resentment and anger at the way the Israeli court is dealing with the case of the killing of their deceased son, Nadeem Nowarah.


“The family of martyr Nadeem Nowarah regards the recent court decision which provides for the postponement of evidence hearings of the case for approximately six months, as an unjust decision implicating a disregard towards the heinous crime committed against our deceased son, all which indicates the excessive irreverence of seeking to punish the criminals, and recklessness in dealing with legal cases when the victim is Palestinian.”

The above-mentioned decision has been taken post to a period of stagnation that lasted for a month and a half during which the file of the case has never been handled since no judge had been assigned to decide in the file until the family’s lawyer pleaded the court so as to appoint a judge and consequently, Judge Daniel Tabrberg has been appointed.

As is known, in November 2014, an indictment had been presented against an Israeli occupation border guard named Ben Deri who is accused of killing the deceased son, Nadeem.

Over a year later, the trial has been postponed over and over again under flimsy pretexts presented by the accused Israeli policeman’s lawyer.

It was supposed for the evidence hearing sessions to take place on September, 2015. Yet, and despite strong evidence against the accused Israeli policeman, these sessions have been under postponement time after time as if the case was dead.

This could never occur in case files of the same urgency or if they regarded crimes less significant or mementos than that of killing Nadeem; in the other cases the court would deal with utmost commitment and concern.

The only difference between the case of killing the martyr Nadeem and the other cases is that the defendant would not be an Israeli policeman and the victim would not be Palestinian either.

We call for all responsible parties to work to achieve justice and push forward to hold a trial against the murderer of our deceased son, Nadeem Nowarah.

Enough to killing Palestinians for simply being Palestinians! Enough disregard of our children’s lives! And enough to killing under the flimsy security pretexts!