Quartet Envoys: we discussed the current situation & reiterated the need for significant steps on the ground 


On the 16th and 17th of December, envoys of the Middle East Quartet met in Jerusalem and Ramallah with Israeli and Palestinian counterparts.

According to a press release, the envoys from the EU, Russia, U.S., and UN met with officials from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They also met with officials from the Palestinian Liberation Organization and with the Palestinian Authority to discuss current conditions on the ground and to discuss concrete actions in order to demonstrate their commitment to the two-state solution.

The Quartet Envoys strongly condemned all acts of terror and stressed the importance of opposing unequivocally incitement and violence and asked for the de-escalation of the current situation.

The envoys also reiterated the need for significant steps on the ground, in line with previous agreements, which will strengthen Palestinian institutions, security and economic prospects, while respecting Israel’s legitimate security concerns.

They will review the results of their recent engagement with the parties and with regional states, and report to their Principals with recommendations on next steps.

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