Palestinians donate $155,000 to rebuild demolished homes in Nablus


Palestinians from Nablus recently launched a charity initiative to raise funds to rebuild four houses that were demolished by the Israeli occupation forces in that city.

Until this Wednesday morning, NIS 600,000, more than $155,000, had been raised on the streets of Nablus, and organizers hope the figure will reach around $200,000.

One man behind the project is Mazin Dambaq, who worked as a co-ordinator to collect donations from people on the streets and worshipers at local mosques.

“At first we planned for reconstruction but as you know the ‘Israeli occupation’ refuses to allow to reconstruct these houses because the decision they took says demolishing and confiscation. Nablus municipality will hire four lawyers to appeal that decision and achieve a decision for allowing reconstruction, but we don’t want to wait for long and wait for Israeli courts and we will provide houses for these families and we will buy them houses,” said Dambaq.

The IOF demolished four homes of three Nablus men, accused of killing two settlers in October.

“If we look at it from a social perspective, it sent a message to all those who participated in this campaign that Nablus is united, its people, its residence and its visitors are all one united family,” said Naseer Arafat, manager of the Nablus Residents Committee.

In the beginning of December, the IOF also demolished the house of the martyr Ibrahim Akkari in Shuafat Refugee Camp.

On November 5 last year Akkari had steered his car into a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop and then crashed into a light rail station, both on the border between western and occupied eastern Jerusalem.

The people from Shuafat Refugee Camp fastly raised money to rebuild Akkari’s family house and while they wait for it to be ready, the population of the Camp also prepare a role new temporary house for the family.

The Israeli occupation army has said such demolitions are punitive and can also serve as a deterrent to other potential attackers.