Kerry: Without the two state solution, Israel could become “a fortress for terrorists”

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The US Secretary of State in an interview with the New Yorker magazine, has warned that without the two-state solution, “terrorist groups will be strengthened,” and that Israel could be “one big fortress.” Kerry also warned of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. 

According to Israel National News, Kerry told the magazine that he believes that Israel is headed toward becoming a “unitary state that is an impossible entity to manage” and warned that such a reality would lead to Israel becoming like a “big fortress” and strengthen groups like Hezbollah.

He added that he is particularly concerned that the PA could collapse, causing its 30,000 security officers to scatter and leading to chaos and increasingly violent clashes with Israel.

Kerry’s statements came a week after he said that Israel is shifting towards being a “bi-national state.”

In response, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said “I want to make clear, Israel will not be a bi-national state,” under claims that the Palestinian Authority “does not want peace” and “calls for incitement” against the occupation.



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