Umm Ihab released on Friday


62-year-old Zeenat al-Jallad, Umm Ihab,  was arrested last Tuesday on allegations of her involvement in providing services to a banned group in the Old City of Jerusalem.

12321491_1255779181131166_1772511460130724387_nHer lawyer explained that the Israeli terms of release stipulated that Umm Ihab would spend five days under house arrest and 15 days away from the Old City, and pay a financial penalty of 2,000 Shekels.

Umm Ihab denied that she knew there were conditions for her release, affirming that she would have preferred to stay in jail for several months to staying away from the Old City and the Aqsa Mosque for 15 days.

According to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC), dozens of Palestinians on Friday received Umm Ihab outside the magistrate’s court in Occupied Jerusalem following her release from al-Maskubiya prison.