Trump “postpones” visit to Israel following Netanyahu’s condemnation

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The Republican front-runner for 2016 US presidency, Donald Trump has tweeted that he will “postpone” his trip to Israel until after “he is elected,” the same day when Netanyahu tweeted condemning his anti-Muslim rhetoric. 

Yesterday, Trump announced on Twitter that he was planning to visit Israel on the 27th of this month to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and visit Al-Aqsa mosque.


The extremist right-wing candidate, who has been strongly critiqued by the masses and even world leaders, was planning to visit Al-Aqsa mosque (proclaimed Temple Mount) in midst of growing frustration and escalation of clashes, and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from the US was condemned by Netanyahu, who claimed that “Israel respects all religions and protects stringently the rights of all its citizens.”

According to MSNBC, Netanyahu’s office said that “Israel is struggling with extreme Islam that is attacking Muslims, Christian and Jews as one and is threatening the entire world.”


It is noteworthy that at least 115 Palestinians have been executed on the hands of Israeli soldiers and settlers since October first, the majority of them teenagers, Muslims and Christians.

The Jpost Israeli daily said that Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump was scheduled two weeks ago, and that the PM, previous to that, had established a policy of meeting with every candidate who comes to Israel.

On the other hand, some Israeli MK’s have strongly opposed Trump’s visit, calling him “racist” and “neo-Nazi”.

One of them is Zehava Gal- On, chairwoman of Meretz, who said that such a meeting would make Netanyahu a “racist, irresponsible prime minister.”

A petition circulated by Meretz’s Michal Rozin asking that the meeting be canceled was signed by 37 MKs, including two from the coalition: Roy Folkman (Kulanu) and Ya’acov Margi (Shas).


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