Netanyahu slams Kerry: Israel will not be a bi-national state

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected the statements of US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s statement that Israel is shifting towards being a “bi-national state”

According to the Jpost Israeli news outlet, Netanyahu said “I want to make clear, Israel will not be a bi-national state,” under claims that the Palestinian Authority “does not want peace” and “calls for incitement” against the occupation.

Netanyahu said that when Erekat not only does not condemn the terrorist acts, but rather pays a condolence call on the family of a terrorist, he “gives backing and encouragement to acts of terror,” referring to Erekat’s condolence call to the family of Mazrn Oraiba, who was shot-dead by IOF on Hizma checkpoint, under the pretext of a car-ramming attack.

Netanyahu’s opposition came after Kerry’s statement at the Saban Forum in Washington on Saturday, when he said “the truth is that many of those arguing against the PA simply don’t believe in two states.”

During the Israeli cabinet meeting, Netanyahu also took the chance to condemn the comments of the Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom against the Israeli terrorism, calling them “scandalous.”

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