Tayseer Khalid - Executive Committee Palestine Liberation Organization

Building Jewish institutions in Al Burak Square is a blatant attack against Islamic holy places in Jerusalem


By Tayseer Khalid – Executive Committee Palestine Liberation Organization -PLO.

This week, the PLO Executive Member, Mr. Tayseer Khaled, said in an official statement that the Israeli’s government decision to build a museum and a Jewish institution in the, so called, Western wall of “Al-Aqsa Mosque” is a blatant attack against the Islamic holy places among Palestinians and Muslims all over the world.

Mr. Khaled  added that such procedures could affect the peace process in the Middle East,  calling, once again, the Israeli government to stop the violations against the Al- Aqsa Mosque and its yards.

The EC Member also blamed the Israeli government for the calls of radical Jewish organizations, so called “LAHAVA”, for asking its government to expel the Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and from historical Palestine, saying that this calls comes within the principles of Israeli apartheid and Judaization policy in addition of the Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing which has been practiced against Palestinian People since 1948.

Moreover, Mr. Khaled condemned Netanyahu’s statement given early Thursday that says that “Israel could demolish AL Aqsa Mosque in any time”, which could point to a premeditated intention from the Israeli government in fueling conflict in the Middle East