Martyr Ibrahim Akkari.

IOF stormed into Shuafat Refugee Camp to demolish home of martyr Ibrahim Akkari


On Wednesday morning the Israeli occupation forces stormed into Shuafat Refugee Camp in occupied east Jerusalem to demolish the house of martyr Ibrahim Akkari.

Local sources said that hundreds of members of the occupation army, accompanied by bulldozers, raided Shuafat refugee camp covered with helicopters and curfew the camp.

Secretary General of Fatah in the camp, Thaer Vsevs, confirmed that more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers and so-called Border Guard engineering unit stormed into the camp in four “strategic” points.

11219578_1249191671789917_8849327510966557889_nVsevs confirmed that more than 30 buses transported Israeli soldiers to the entrance of the camp before they stormed into it, he said, adding that the occupation forces broke into many houses.

According to the IOF police, “The [Israeli] forces are prepared to maintain order and security, and prevent acts of violence, in order to allow IDF forces to carry out the demolition order for the terrorist’s house.”

“The forces were instructed to show zero tolerance for any attempt to harm security forces or disrupt the public order,” Israeli police added.

Local sources added that the IOF officially announced the demolition of the house of the martyr Ibrahim Akkari. 12314031_1249183105124107_981212377924778322_n

On November 5 last year Akkari had steered his car into a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop and then crashed into a light rail station, both on the border between western and occupied eastern Jerusalem.

The clashes erupted in several places after the IOF stormed into the camp. They fired bullets, sound bombs and tear gas towards the citizens and their homes. The IOF also prevented ambulance crews from reaching the camp to threat the elderly citizens who suffered from the tear gas in the camp.

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