Maram Ramez Abdul Hassouna and Ma’amoun al-Khatib.

Two martyrs on Tuesday morning alone


This morning the IOF shot dead two young Palestinians.

Less than a year after being released from the Israeli jail, Maram Ramez Abdul Hassouna became a martyr this morning.

Maram, 20, was from Rafidia in Nablus. She was shot dead with several bullets by the IOF in a military checkpoint east of Tulkarem this morning.

According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli occupation forces prevented the Red Crescent team to have access to her and also detained her body. Now, the number of martyrs body’s detained by the IOF increased to 40.

According to family sources, Maram was a first year student at An-Najah University and taught English. She was arrested by the occupation forces in October 2013 on charges of carrying a knife near the same military checkpoint she was executed today. She was released 7 months afterwards.

Israeli sources claimed she reached the checkpoint carrying a knife, so the Israeli soldiers fired at her. However, witnesses said that the checkpoint was “empty of soldiers” and that the shooting came from a military tower at the checkpoint.

Earlier this morning, the occupation forces killed Mamoun al-Khatib, 16, near the Gush Etzion illegal junction, south of Bethlehem, claiming he tried to stab a settler.

He was left bleeding on the ground and died from his wounds. Israeli media reported that the IOF accidentally shot and injured a settler in his arm, but no one was injured in the reported “stabbing attack”.

According to family sources, Mamoun lived in Doha with his family and was the eldest son. He was currently in the tenth grade at school.

With their martyrdom’s, the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces since the beginning of October raised to 108, among 40 children and 5 women.


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