The British Labour Party announced they are no longer going to be using G4S for their conference security


[From the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign – PSC]

The British Labour announced they are no longer going to be using G4S for their security. This decision by the Labour Party, which now represents 330,000 members and many more supporters, sends a clear message: our political parties can stand up and act ethically and responsibly, and this can be at the centre of how politics works.

It tells G4S loud and clear that we won’t stand for their involvement in the ongoing occupation of Palestine, their connection to global violence, or their involvement in other dodgy deals in the UK, in South Africa and around the world. This is a step in the direction of truly respecting human rights in all that we do politically. This decision is a challenge not just to G4S, but to all businesses. If you turn a blind eye to violations of human rights purely to make a profit, you will lose business.

We already know there’s a backlash against Labour’s decision. Those who support Israel have fallen into the trap of also supporting a shady profit hungry company. Instead of seeing G4S for the unethical,dangerous company that it is, they’ve seen this as an attack on Israel. This is not an attack on anyone, it’s people taking a stand for human rights. The people who are unhappy with this decision are going to use every trick in the book to put pressure on the Labour Party to change their mind. So we can’t be complacent. Let’s make sure our voices are  heard and that we support the Labour Party’s decision.

The Labour Party has recognized that G4S´ role in the Israeli occupation of Palestine completely contradicts the values of social justice, fairness and equality at the very heart of the labour movement. Where’s the social justice in the administrative detention and torture of Palestinians? Where’s the fairness in arresting children in the middle of the night? Labour’s decision is a brave on and an ethical one, and we need to have their backs. The letter is to all  of the member of the National Executive Committee who made this decision. It only takes two minutes for you to sign it.

Around the world people are standing up to challenge companies like G4S. They are making the case for justice over profit, and challenging their leaders to do the same. The Labour Party has acted for an ethical, responsible and fair politics. Palestine is part of that positive shift.

Click here to send a letter of support for the Labour’s Party decision.

Thank you for all that you do.

Rachel Diamond – Campaigns Officer.

About the G4S:

G4S is the world’s largest security firm. It is active in more than 110 countries, and is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange with over 623,000 employees and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen providing security services to government facilities, airport security, custodial and prison services, as well as land mine clearance and consultancy services.

According to the BDS Movement website, by helping Israel to run 5 prisons and “interrogation centres”, G4S is participating in Israel’s use of torture and mass incarceration of more than 6,000 Palestinians as a way to discourage Palestinians from resisting its apartheid policies.

G4S also has contracts with the Israeli government to provide equipment and services to checkpoints that make up the Apartheid wall, crossings that enforce the siege of Gaza and Israeli policy stations. G4S guards operate at various Israeli military bases.

Also reported by the BDS wesite, “facing mounting international pressure, G4S announced in 2014 that G4S “did not expect to renew” its contract with the Israeli Prison Service when it expires in 2017, and it has also said it will end some aspects of its involvement in illegal Israeli settlements.

However, G4S continues to profit from Israel’s abhorrent prison system and has not withdrawn from any of its contracts with Israel. A company that commits serious human rights abuses cannot be trusted to keep its word. The campaign against G4S must continue until it entirely ends its role with the Israel Prison Service and all aspect of Israel’s apartheid regime.”


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