Omar Arafat Issa al-Zaaqiq, 19.

Another Palestinian man killed after ramming into israeli soldiers


Another Palestinian mas was shot dead on this Friday after he drove his vehicle towards six Israeli soldiers in Beit Ummar, near Hebron.

An Israeli army spokesperson said that six Israeli soldiers were injured in a “car ramming”. The area was closed off following the incident.
According to Jerusalem Post, the Palestinian man was shot and killed while he was still in his car. A Palestinian flag lay on the seat of his blue vehicle.

Locals identified the victim as Omar Arafat Issa al-Zaaqiq, 19.

Omar Arafat Issa al-Zaaqiq, 19.
Omar Arafat Issa al-Zaaqiq, 19.
Four soldiers were moderately injured and two suffered light injuries.
According to Shehab News, a spokesman for the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Ummar, Mohammed Awad, said the incident occurred after Israeli soldiers prevented people from passing to the funeral that was taking place there.
Still according to Shehab News, Awad said that a large number of Israeli soldiers and Israeli police arrived at the scene and declared the city a closed military zone.
As stated by Awad, the IOF did not provide aid for the Palestinian man who was left to bleed inside the car. After his martyrdom, intense clashes started in the area.
The incident happened hours after a Palestinian man, identified as Fadi Muhammad Mahmoud Khasib, 25, was killed near the illegal settlement of Kfar Adumim in occupied east Jerusalem under the pretext of running over two israeli soldiers.

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