Donate to the Medical Aid for Palestinians this winter!


An appeal from the Medical Aid for Palestinians CEO Tony  Laurance urging for donations to help the Palestinian refugees in this winter.

“Please remember the refugee children of Palestine.  Help them survive the winter with a  donation today. []

We’ve all seen the harrowing images. Children frantically fleeing war zones. Children with fear in their eyes. Children dying before they set foot on safe soil.

The international community is failing child refugees of war, just as they have been failing child refugees from Palestine for over 60 years.

In Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp, Lebanon, a few sheets of corrugated metal and tarpaulin can be all that stands between a family and the winter elements. These makeshift shelters fill with water when it rains and become bitingly cold when the temperature drops. No wonder children fall sick.

Will you donate today to help Medical Aid for Palestinians provide medical aid in the refugee camps? []

In Lebanon I met a 13-year-old Palestinian girl called Ida. She was born a refugee and has fled for her safety many times. She has never known the comfort of her own home.Untitled

Ida’s family fled to Syria from Lebanon in 2006 after the Israeli “July War”. Within a few years, civil war had erupted and they were on the move once again. When they finally arrived back in the refugee camp in Lebanon, all Ida had with her was a doll from her grandfather, and her diaries. Ida was traumatized by having to flee for her life so
many times in her young life. A refugee camp may offer a degree of safety, but can still be a very scary place for a young girl.

You can find more about Ida, and some of the other children of Palestine in our photo gallery.

There are many other children like Ida who need our help this winter. Please donate today.   We promise to use your donation to support the medical and health needs of the Palestinian people, wherever the need is greatest.

Thank you.”

Tony Laurance CBE

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