Photo by: Salah Ajarma

IOF invades refugee camps, imposes strategic barricades


This Monday morning, the people from Aida Refugee Camp, northern Bethlehem, woke up with a different view (besides the daily apartheid wall view that surrounds the entire Camp): the Israeli occupation forces had entered the camp and occupied one of the buildings near a local center.

Like most of the Refugee Camps across the occupied West Bank, Aida Camp is known for it’s ongoing struggle against the israeli illegal occupation and against the apartheid wall. Last month, a young 13-year-old boy was shot dead by the IOF while going back home from school. Many others are daily injured by the occupation forces.

A witness told PNN that the IOF put sand bags to make barricades for their snipers and that there are israeli soldiers around the camp, and near one of the entrances.

Not only Aida Refugee Camp has been occupied by the presence of Israeli soldiers: according to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC), the IOF continues to besiege a Palestinian house in al-Aroub refugee camp in al-Khalil  (Hebron) and turned it to military barracks for it’s third consecutive day.

According to PIC, “The brother of the house owner Luai Jawabrah said that Israeli forces turned the house of his brother, Mohammad, to military barracks. The forces detained his brother’s family, which consists of the wife and three children, inside the house, he added”.

Luai stated that “the Israeli soldiers informed his brother that he will not be able to go out of his own home unless calmness returns to the West Bank. Mohammad’s family members are worried about the possibility of confiscating their house by the IOF in case they leave it, he underlined”.

20 Israeli soldiers are occupying the house leaving only two rooms for the entire family.

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