2,000 Palestinians banned from working in the illegal bloc of Gush Etzion


After a young israeli settler died yesterday stabbed by a Palestinian, Israeli authorities decided to bar Palestinian workers from entering the illegal settlements in the Gush Etzion bloc this Monday.

More than 90.000 illegal Israeli settlers live in the Gush Etzion illegal settlement bloc. An estimated number of 2.000 Palestinians work in the settlement bloc.

This measure comes not just after the death of the israeli settler yesterday, but also after Thursday last week when two israeli settlers and one Palestinian bystander died and other 10 people were injured in the Gush Etzion area.
Last Thursday, the Israeli authorities decided to increase security measures inside the settlement bloc.
According to the Israeli news website Ynet, “the measures could include the temporary restriction of movement of Palestinians in the area, the deployment of extra Israeli security forces, and the construction of a “fence” along certain roads.”
On Sunday, many israeli settlers protested in front of an israeli government building in Jerusalem demanding Palestinians to be barred from using the same roads as Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, according to the Israeli media.


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