On average, IOF killed two Palestinians everyday since October 1st

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Ministry of Health on Tuesday said that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) and settlers have killed 89 Palestinians since the beginning of October, with an average of two youths everyday.

According to the MOH, 89 Palestinians were killed, in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, Gaza and the Negev.

The number of martyrs in Gaza hit 18, one youth was killed in the Negev, and the rest are West Bankers.

Among the slain Palestinians are 18 females and four children (including a pregnant mother and her two-month-old daughter)

The Ministry stated that over 10,000 Palestinians have been injured in the same period in different parts of occupied Palestine.

“On average, the army kills two Palestinians and injures around 217 every day,” it said.

The report showed that at least, 1450 Palestinians have been shot with live ammunition, and 1065 were shot with rubber-coated metal bullets.

6500 Palestinians suffered the teargas inhalation, 255 suffered fractures and bruises after being assaulted by Israeli soldiers and paramilitary settlers, and more than 25 suffered burns due to Israeli gas bombs and concussion grenades.

The number of Palestinians shot with live Israeli army fire in the West Bank is at least 1010, in addition to 950 who were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets. In Gaza, 440 were shot with live rounds and 115 with rubber-coated steel bullets.

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