Israel bombards two sites in Gaza after “wrong rocket alert”

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Israeli Occupation Air Force on Wednesday overnight struck two Hamas sites in Gaza Strip after a they claimed a rocket that was fired from the Strip exploded near the southern Israeli border. The rocket sirens then turned out to be “wrong alert.”

IOF overnight hit two alleged sites for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the center and the north of the strip. No casualties were reported.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, Israeli sirens went off and an explosion was reportedly heard near the southern Israeli borders.

Later it turned out that no rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, and that the Iron Dome battery had mistaken a bullet for a rocket, making sirens go off.

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On October 11, IOF have struck the Gaza strip, killing a pregnant mother, Noor Hassan (34)  and her two-month-old daughter, Rahaf Hassan. 

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