An undercover Israeli police officer holds a weapon as another detains a Palestinian suspected of throwing stones during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi al-Joz March 16, 2010. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Video: Israeli soldiers in disguise kidnap three Jerusalem children

PNN/ Jerusalem/

In a series of repetitive brutal attacks against Palestinians, Israeli soldiers dressed as Palestinian civilians (Musta’ribeen) this morning have kidnapped three schoolchildren from Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem.

The Wadi Al-Hilweh Information Center said that the agents have infiltrated a street in the area when students were heading to their schools.

The Musta’ribeen then opened fire randomly in the air and the kids started running from the shooting.

Backed by Israeli soldiers, the agents attacked three of the children, took them into a military jeep and drove to an unknown destination.

Clashes erupted following the shoot and kidnap frenzy.

During the past week, many children from Jerusalem have testified to being attacked and kidnapped by the Musta’ribeen, who blindfolded them, attacked them,  drove and threw them in a far-away destination from their homes.

However, this is not a one-time-happening.

Attacks by the Musta’ribeen Unit, AKA Death Unit, have been well-known in the Palestinian struggle for years. They were intensified in the clashes since the beginning of October so as to infiltrate protesters and make it easier to kidnap them.

Last Thursday, members of the unit broke into Al-Ahli hospital in Hebron, kidnapped a patient, Azzam Shalaldeh (21), and executed his cousin in the surgery room, Abdullah Shalaldeh (27).

The soldiers were wearing the Kufiyyeh (Palestinian scarf) and one of them was dressed as a pregnant woman going into labor, and they had a wheelchair with them too.


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