Netanyahu approves 500 settlement units in East Jerusalem

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday approved the construction of 500 more illegal settlement units in Ramat Shlomo settlement, Occupied East Jerusalem. 

The move, which sets the stage for 1,000 additional settlement units s to be built, reportedly follows a two year de facto freeze following a diplomatic row with the United States.

This moves in the frame of illegal Israeli expansion on Palestinian occupied land, in midst of intense international condemnation against all laws.

It also comes in midst of growing frustration and clashes in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Last Wednesday, the Israeli municipality in West Jerusalem approved the construction of 891 units in Gilo settlement,  which was constructed on Bethlehem territory in the occupied West Bank.

The day before, Netanyahu approved the construction of 2,200 settlement units in Ma’ale Michmas settlement east of Ramallah.


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