Ahmad Abul Eish (28) (L) and Laith Manasra (R) both shot-dead by IOF during clashes this morning.

IOF shoot-dead 2 Palestinians, blow up activist’s home this morning

PNN/ Ramallah/

On Monday dawn, Israeli Occupation Forces  (IOF) have shot dead two Palestinian youths and injured dozens during clashes that broke out when IOF blew-up the home of an activist in Qalandiya refugee camp near Ramallah. According to medics, Ahmad Abu al-Eish (28) and Laith Manasra (21) were shot dead by Israeli bullet fire in the camp, and dozens were injured by live ammunition and teargas. 

Ahmad Abul Eish
Ahmad Abul Eish

IOF have also kidnapped an injured minor from the ambulance, who was identified as 17-year-old Youssef Abu Latifa. The child was critically wounded in the clashes.

PIC said that eyewitnesses reported aggressive attacks and heavy discharge of tear gas canisters on the ambulance and paramedical staff in the area.

An eyewitness was quoted by a PIC journalist as reporting that the soldiers cordoned off the area at 2 a.m. before they broke into the camp and knocked down the home of activist Muhammad Shaheen without any prior warning, who Israeli officials claim killed an Israeli settler in June near the West Bank province of Ramallah.

Violent clashes flared up shortly afterwards, resulting in the murder of Abu Eish.

PIC added that an Israeli chopper kept hovering over the territory as more troops were being called into the camp.

Shortly after, over 1,000 Israeli soldiers re-rolled into the camp, and sealed it off from all corners, sparking violent clashes, and Laith Manasra was shot-dead.

The home of anti-occupation activist, Muhammad Shahin, blown up by IOF
The home of anti-occupation activist, Muhammad Shahin, blown up by IOF

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