Khaled Mishaal: unified leadership to lead the intifada


Once again Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chairman of Hamas, has called for the establishment of a unified, national leadership that would lead the Jerusalem Intifada.

According to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC), yesterday night Mishaal stated on a transmission from al-Quds satellite TV channel that all Palestinian factions and forces should agree on a unified program for the intifada and that they should also agree on the necessary tools to ensure its success and to thwart the Israeli occupation’s attempts to abort it.

Mishaal said that topmost of the intifada goals should be getting rid of occupation and settlements in addition to foiling the Israeli occupation authority’s attempt to divide the holy Aqsa Mosque, according to PIC.

Finally, the Hamas leader emphasized that all in the Palestinian arena should draw a strategy and tactics for the intifada to “effectively achieve our unified goals”.

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