36 Palestinians kidnapped this morning, 25 of them from Qalqilya

PNN/ Qalqilya/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) this morning have kidnapped 36 Palestinians from cities all over the occupied West Bank, 25 of them from Qalqilya city, whoseo homes have been raided. 

The majority of the Palestinians kidnapped from Qalqilya are affiliated with the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas. The rest are reportedly from Hebron, Jericho, Jerusalem and Bethlehem District.

According to Hebrew sources, IOF intensified raids on Qalqilya to “target the Hamas base in the city”, since the movement calls on reviving armed resistance against the occupation.

The majority of the kidnapped are men around the age of 40, but one, Mahmoud Jawabreh, is 15.

Israeli media also claimed that they have confiscated 35,000 NIS.

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