22-year-old woman shot-dead by soldiers at Eliyahu checkpoint, Qalqilya

PNN/ Qalqilya/
A Palestinian woman was shot-dead by Israeli soldiers this morning under the pretext that she tried to stab a border guard, at the Eliyahu military checkpoint in Qalqilya, northern West Bank.

The Ministry of health officially announced the death of Rasha Oweissi (22), after she was reportedly shot and bled to death on the ground.12195887_1232315770144174_2270554997983175343_n

On Sunday, a Palestinian woman, Helwa Elayyan (22) was shot after she tried to stab an Israeli policeman in Hussan village, West of Bethlehem.

Hours before that, a Palestinian man, Adel Shaheen (28) was shot-dead in his car after he allegedly ran over three Israeli settlers in Nablus. Two were injured and Shaheen was executed on the spot.

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