Funeral of the five martyrs in Hebron


Yesterday (30/10/2015) the Israeli occupation Forces returned the bodies of five Palestinians who were killed by the IOF in Hebron over the last month.

Today, thousands of Palestinian mourners filled the streets of Hebron to attend their joint funeral. The procession ended at al-Shuhada cemetery in al-Sheikh neighborhood in Hebron.

During the procession, people waved Palestinian flags and shouted unity slogans in order to carry out reprisal attacks against the Israeli military and settlers.

Below a brief description of what happened to each one of them.

Bayan Ayman Abd al-Hadi al-Esseili

Bayan Ayman Abd al-Hadi al-Esseili, 17, was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in Hebron after allegedly stabbing an Israeli border police officer. Witnesses told Palestinian media that she was left on the ground without medical help and bled to death.

Dania Irshaid, 17, was shot dead by Israeli policemen near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron’s old city.

Dania Irshaid
Dania Irshaid

Dania was a pupil at Al-Rayyan Girls’ High in Hebron. She was executed still wearing her backpack and school uniform. Eyewitnesses said she did not attempt an attack.

Bashar Al-Jabari (15) and Hussam Al-Jabari (17)
Bashar Al-Jabari (15) and Hussam Al-Jabari (17)

Bashar Al-Ja’bari (15), Hussam Al-Ja’bari (17) were both shot dead by IOF after an alleged attempted stabbing israeli soldiers at a checkpoint.

Tareq Natsheh, (18)

Tareq Natsheh, (18), was shot dead by IOF after an alleged attempted stabbing israeli soldier near the Shuhada Street checkpoint.

According to local media, Hebron governor Kamil Hmeid said the bodies were returned after the intervention of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and international groups, adding that he expects remaining bodies to be returned soon.

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