Second Palestinian shot in Hebron since morning hours

PNN/ Hebron/

The second Palestinian youth on Thursday morning was shot dead by Israeli settlers the Container military point in Hebron, raising the death toll to six martyrs within only two days. 

Eyewitnesses said that Faruq Sider (19), was shot with 8- 10 bullets, some in the head, beaten, dragged, and left to bleed to death.

Photos taken from the scene showed that a clean knife was placed next to the victim’s body, and was not there incola a previous photos immediately after the shooting.

Armed Israeli settlers annexed to the Shuhada street are reportedly attacking the homes of Palestinians in the area.


The killing comes shortly after another youth, Mahdi Muhtaseb (23) was killed in Hebron at the 160 military point, in addition to four others on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

An eyewitness, a schoolteacher at the scene said that the Muhtaseb was heading towards the checkpoint, and when he was close, an Israeli soldier shot him in the shoulder and the stomach.

He adds that the soldiers then approached the boy, and placed a knife right next to his body, then again fired three bullets on his head, from zero distance, leading to his immediate death.

Eyewitnesses added that soldiers stripped him from his clothes, covered him in a black bag, and took him in an ambulance.

Several eyewitnesses denied Israeli claims of any stabbing attempts, and confirmed it was a cold-blooded execution.

IOF have announced the area a closed military zone, and clashes erupted in the area following the shootiung.

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