Eyewitnesses: soldiers placed knife next to youth after his execution, Hebron

A PALESTINIAN boy was shot-dead by Israeli Occupation Forces this morning at the 160 military point next to the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron.

He is the fifth victim of Israeli series of executions in the past two days.

Eyewitnesses said that the escalation started when IOF fired intense amounts of teargas towards the schoolchildren and citizens in the street, when they fought back with throwing stones and injuring an Israeli soldier in the head.

An eyewitness, a schoolteacher at the scene said that the boy was heading towards the checkpoint, and when he was close, an Israeli soldier shot him in the shoulder and the stomach.12190902_1223154744393610_6954233850901837987_n

He adds that when he fell down, soldiers approached him, placed a knife right next to his body, then again fired three bullets on his head, from zero distance, leading to his immediate death.

The soldiers then stripped him from his clothes, covered him in a black bag, and took him in an ambulance, detaining his body.

Several eyewitnesses denied Israeli claims of any stabbing attempts, and confirmed it was a cold-blooded execution.

IOF have announced the area a closed military zone, and clashes erupted in the area following the shooting.

On Wednesday afternoon, IOF also executed Islam Tamimi (23), and left him to bleed on the ground, preventing ambulances from approaching his body.

The night before, on Tuesday, three Palestinians were killed.

Hammam Said (23) was executed in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, and Shabaan Abu Shkeidem (17) and Shadi Nabil Abd al-Muti Dweik (22) both  from Hebron, were killed near the Gush Etzyon settlement.



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