Hebron: Second youth killed today

A SECOND Palestinian youth has just been killed by Israeli Occupation Forces near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron (Monday).


The second youth killed in Hebron today.
Ra’ed Jaradat , who was shot dead this morning.




A spokeswoman for International Solidarity Movement (ISM) claimed that two eyewitnesses had told her the deceased was a “few metres away” from soldiers and had not even spoken to them before he was gunned down.

She said: “I have information from eyewitnesses that he was a few metres away from the soldiers and he did not have a knife.

“They didn’t ask for ID, they didn’t speak to him, they just shot him. He was walking down the street on his own.

She added: “Nobody knows who he was. People are scared. Palestinians are being killed every day in this city.

“People get killed for nothing. You never know what will happen.”


This morning, 22-year old Ra’ed Jaradat was shot and left to bleed to death, after he allegedly stabbed an Israeli soldier in the neck.

Ambulances were said to have been prevented from reaching him until after he had died.

This is a developing story.



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