Hebron schoolgirl was executed “on her way to an English course”

PNN/ Hebron/
ON Sunday afternoon, 17-year-old schoolgirl Dania Irshaid was shot dead by Israeli policemen near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron’s old city. 

Dania’s father, Jehad Irshaid said that his daughter was never late home from school.  Although she was taking an English advancement course after school, which he paid for,  and she had no mobile phone, he knew something was wrong.

He  frantically searched the area for his daughter, and even announced her missing on Al-Hurriyyah radio station in Hebron.

The search took three hours, although the family knew Dania had been wearing the same clothes as a girl who was reported killed earlier –  a long black  jacket and a white veil.

Her family desperately clung to the hope Dania was still alive, but their hopes were crushed after staff at the radio station showed Mr Irshaid an upsetting video of the girl after she had been shot by Israeli forces.

He finally identified her face as being that of his daughter.

Dania was a pupil at Al-Rayyan Girls’ High in Hebron. She was executed still wearing her backpack and school uniform.

Wattan news agency published a video from her school this morning.
The school put up the Palestinian flags as a memorial for her, but her school-friends were overcome with tears and some even passed out from grief.


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