Jenin: Teen was “selling sweets” before alleged stabbing attempt

A PALESTINIAN teenager shot and killed by Israeli guards today (Saturday) was carrying a box of chocolates, it has been claimed.

16-year old Muhammad Zakarna, reportedly from Kabatiyeh in the northern West Bank, was gunned down as he approached the Jalama checkpoint, at one of the heavily guarded entrances to Jenin, also in the north of the country.

The IOF claimed that the Palestinian teenager was carrying a box of the sweets and moving between cars waiting at the checkpoint leading into Israel, where soldiers were checking identification cards.

It is not yet known whether he was selling the popular winter treats, known as Krembos, to waiting drivers.

Soldiers at the al-Jalama checkpoint.

An Israeli spokesman claimed the boy had then tossed the box aside and run toward guards with a knife in his hand before they shot him dead.

Eyewitnesses speaking to Al Jazeera gave conflicting reports.

One confirmed the Israeli’s version of events saying he saw the boy running towards the guards with a knife.

But another said the boy was working as a sweet seller on the Palestinian side of the checkpoint when he was killed.

Palestinian rescue services said medics were prevented from reaching Muhammad. They estimated he had been shot at least five times.

Palestinians have reported harassment, humiliating searches and delays as they pass through the checkpoint, which is to the north of Jenin.


Krembos – thin biscuits topped with marshmallow and chocolate, are similar to Tunnocks teacakes. They are traditionally only eaten between October and February.


Krembos – a traditional winter treat.


The killing is the latest in a wave of deadly shootings of Palestinians by Israeli forces, who have been condemned by human rights organisations and internationally for excessive and unnecessary use of force.

The death toll has skyrocketed since the start of October, with over 50 Palestinians now killed by the Israeli military, including ten children, and thousands more injured.

Ten Israelis have also been killed in “lone wolf” attacks


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