Jenin: 16-year old boy gunned down for “running towards” guard

A 16-YEAR old Palestinian boy has been gunned down and killed by an Israeli security guard for allegedly “running towards” him.

The boy was killed at the Jalamah checkpoint to the north of Jenin today (Saturday). Nobody else was hurt. He has still to be named.

Palestinian rescue services said medics were prevented from reaching the boy. They estimated he had been shot at least five times.

The Israeli Defence Ministry, which controls the crossing, claimed the boy had run towards a guard  waving a knife.

The checkpoint, a main point of transit, is currently closed to traffic.

The shooting is the latest in a wave of deadly shootings of Palestinians by Israeli forces, who have been condemned by human rights organisations and internationally for excessive and unnecessary use of force.

The death toll has skyrocketed since the start of October, with over 50 Palestinians now killed by the Israeli military, including ten children, and thousands more injured.

Ten Israelis have also been killed in “lone wolf” attacks.

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