Stork takes down Israeli Black Hawk helicopter

ISRAELI pilots were forced to perform an emergency landing on Wednesday after a migrating stork hit their Black Hawk during training, causing tens of thousands of shekels in damage.


The damaged helicopter. Pic: Channel 2 news


It has been reported that the incident caused “extensive damage to the helicopter”.

The condition of the stork is not known.  The IOF reported only: “Luckily no one was injured.”

The attack, thought to be an accident, occurred during a training exercise that is taking place across the country.
black hawk helicopter
The helicopters can cost between $5m and $10m US dollars.
European White Storks can grow to around a metre tall, and typically weigh between 2 and 4kg. In winter, they are known to congregate in large numbers.
stork 2

Hundreds of thousands of birds are currently passing through Israel during bird migration season, on their way from Europe to Africa.

The IOF has a system to coordinate flights with the Nature and Parks Authority, which provides a live update of the location and height of the flock

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