UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon visits to “help defuse tensions”

U.N Secretary General Ban Ki- moon will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas today in a bid to “help defuse tensions”.

A statement issued from his office in Vienna today (Tuesday) said:

“The Secretary-General has repeatedly expressed his anguish and deep concern at the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine.

“In an effort to help defuse the current tensions, he is travelling to the region today (Tuesday 20 October 2015) to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas, and other senior officials.

An earlier message on Twitter read: “Ban Ki-moon is travelling to Israel and Palestine in an effort to help defuse tensions.”

The U.N Secretary-General is also expected to meet with Israeli and Palestinian victims of the recent conflict.

But his video message, released on Youtube yesterday, has attracted only 300 views so far.

The combined population of the area is around 13 million.

Last week, Israel rejected calls for the area around the Al-Aqsa mosque be policed by United Nations troops.



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