Hussam Al-Ja'bari (17) and his cousin Bashar Al-Ja'bari (15) were executed by IOF Tuesday night

Hebron: IOF execute two children, detain two others seriously injured

PNN/ Hebron/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday night have executed two Palestinian children in Hebron, under claims that they tried to stab a soldier in Kiryat Arba illegal settlement.

The children are Bashar Al-Ja’bari (15) and his cousin Hussam Al-Ja’bari (17).

Ynet Israeli newspaper said that the children had approached Bait Al-Salam area near the settlement, and allegedly tried to stab soldiers who immediately shot and killed them.


Local sources said that in addition to the execution of the two children, IOF are detaining two other Palestinians who are badly injured — from the same family.

According to other sources in Hebron, the Israeli stabbing allegations against the two killed children are false, as local activist Issa Amro from the Popular Resistance Committee has told PNN that the two boys weren’t trying to stab neither settlers nor soldiers, but were actually hiding from a big group of settlers, marching during a funeral procession. The settlers were shouting: “Death to Arabs”, and the children tried to hide to avoid any confrontation.

When soldiers saw the boys hiding, they shot them with around 100 bullets, local eyewitnesses at the scene say.

Issa Amro adds that the out-of-law executions have reached a level of war crimes.

Settlers have carried numerous violent attacks against the Palestinian family homes in Hebron since Monday night, which included gunfire and stone-hurling.

With the two children, IOF and settlers have killed five Palestinians today. In addition, an Israeli settler was killed in an alleged run-over operative,  after he was seen attacking cars with a stick near the Gush Etzyon settlement south of Bethlehem.

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