Shin Bet name 21-year old Israeli as Beersheba bus station “attacker”

SHIN BET have claimed a 21-year old man from the Bedouin Negev town of Hura killed an IOF soldier and injured ten other people in the Beersheba bus terminal at 7.30pm last night (Sunday).

Muhand al-Okabi is alleged to have carried out a rifle and knife attack, during which the IOF mistakenly shot an Eritrean man called Haftom Zarhum, who was then severely beaten by a mob.

At least four of those injured were Israeli soldiers.

Armed with a pistol and a knife, al-Okabi is alleged to have stormed the Beersheba central bus station on Sunday night, killing an IOF soldier Sergeant Omri Levy and taking his rifle before shooting it at those present.

He was then shot dead by police.

Beersheba bus station, where the attack took place

Mr Al-Okabi’s mother is thought to be from Gaza, and to have arrived in Israel under the family reunification law.

He had no prior record of security offenses.

Israeli has placed a media ban on all other details of the investigation.

Soroka University Medical Center said they had treated 10 shooting victims, two of whom were seriously wounded, and that another had arrived showing no signs of life.

Southern District Commander Asst.-Ch. Yoram HaLevy defended police, saying they “responded very well”, despite admitting they mistakenly believed the Eritrean man was an attacker and firing at him.

A video shot by a bystander afterwards shows an angry mob surrounding Mr Zarhum, swearing at him and kicking him in the head.

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