LIVE UPDATES: 31 wounded, four dead, as “Day of Rage” blazes on

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12:50 P.M. An Israeli Jew stabbed another Jewish man earlier this morning after he mistook him for an Arab.

The victim, who is of Mediterranean appearance, was subjected to the revenge attack in Kiryat Ata at 12.30.

Early reports said two were wounded in the frenzied attack, which took place near a local IKEA.

A 22-year-old was in moderate condition after suffering a knife wound to his upper torso.

TWO Palestinians and two settlers have already been killed and 30 people wounded as the “Day of Rage” protests gather force around the country.

Four alleged stabbing and shooting incidents in Jerusalem were reported this morning, leaving the city in meltdown.

And at around 9am a 22-year old Palestinian from east Jerusalem was shot and brutally beaten by Israeli police, after he allegedly stabbed two settlers in Ra’anana city, north-east of Tel Aviv.

 Mohammad Shamasneh (23) from Qutna town northwest of  Jerusalem, was shot by an Israeli settler under the pretext of attempting to to grab the gun of a policeman, when he  shot and started beating him.

It follows a day of clashes yesterday (Monday).

In Gaza, about 20 Palestinians clashed with border forces for around an hour and a half.

10:56 A.M. Shooting incident reported near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

10:42 A.M. Israeli woman was reported wounded after in a second incident in Ra’anana. One person was arrested.

10:32 A.M. Two attacks reported in Jerusalem have left at least 18 people wounded; with 9 said to be in serious condition. At least one person was said to be killed.

According to the police, in one attack, two people opened fire inside a bus in Armon HaNatziv. They were shot dead by a IOF officer who was at the scene.

10:20: A.M. A reported in Jerusalem’s Malchi Yisrael St., with three Israelis wounded. The incident follows reports of a stabbing attack on a bus in the city.

10:10 A.M. A stabbing attack was reported inside a bus in Jerusalem’s Olei Hagardom St in the Armon HaNatziv area, with casualties.

The IOF said that two Palestinians entered a bus and began stabbing people, leaving at least 16 wounded, eight in serious condition. At least one person is suspected of being killed during the attack but this has not been confirmed.

An earlier report of a stabbing in Holon was not politically motivated, the police said.

9:30 A.M. Alleged attacker from Ra’anana identified by police as 22-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem. According to the police, he stabbed one person before being attacked by passers by.

9:20 A.M. According to the spokesperson for the city of Ra’anana, the suspected attacker stabbed one person at a bus station not far from town hall before a passersby jumped on him and pushed the knife out of his hand. The alleged attacker sustained serious injuries and it was possible he was shot during attempts to disarm him.

A 32-year-old Israeli was lightly wounded in the attack, sustaining a knife wound to the chest.

9:00 A.M. An Israeli was lightly wounded in an alleged stabbing attack in the city of Ra’anana in central Israel. The attack took place on Ahuza Street, the main street in the city, and a Palestinian was attacked by civilians, leaving him seriously injured.

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