Two-year-old Rahaf Hassan, and her mother, Nour Hassan, were killed in an Israeli strike on Gaza, Sunday morning

PLO: Urgent international protection needed for Palestinian people

PNN/ Ramallah/

Department of international relations in PLO reported that the crimes of Israeli occupation army and settlers since the beginning of October that caused the martyred of 25 Palestinian citizen and over 1300 injuries, not to mention the arrest of hundreds proves once again that Extremist Israeli government is a government of war and aims to blow up the situation in the Palestinian territories.The (DIR) bore Israeli occupation the responsibility for the violations in Jerusalem and the holy places there, where the occupation protect the settlers who attacked the Palestinian citizens and burnt their lands without moving a finger.

The (DIR) called on all international organizations to intervene immediately to stop the ongoing crimes series against Palestinian people and provide International Protection for them, as the President Mahmud Abbas demanded in his recent address to the United Nations

The (DIR) stressed the right of Palestinian people for popular resistance in order to end the occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem over the entire territory, which Israel occupied in the fifth of June 1967.

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