On October 4, IOF targeted Al-Mayadeen TV correspondent Hana’ Mahameed was by a stun grenade; which caused burns on her face while she was covering the IOF raiding the martyr Fadi Alloun’s house in Jerusalem

MADA: dangerous Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists

MADA/ Ramallah/

The Israeli occupation forces escalated the violations against journalists in Palestine; where the IOF and the Israeli settlers assault the journalists on daily basis since the latest clashes in the West Bank -including Jerusalem- and Gaza strip have started. The latest of these violations was shooting Ma’an News Agency photographer Rami Swiedan on Sunday (11/10) near Nablus city with a live bullet in his left leg while he was covering he clashes near Huwwara checkpoint.

Since the beginning of October, the IOF committed around 39 violations against the journalists (35 in the West Bank including Jerusalem and 4 in Gaza Strip). A large number of journalists were severely injured as a result of the IOF shooting live bullet and rubber-coated steel bullets.

For instance, the freelance journalists Ahmad Talat was shot by an exploding bullet “Tutu bullet” in his leg whilst he was covering Kafr Qadoum demonstration on 2/10. Also, the IOF targeted Al-Mayadeen TV correspondent Hana’ Mahameed was by a stun grenade; which caused burns on her face while she was covering the IOF raiding the martyr Fadi Alloun’s house in Jerusalem on 4/10.

On 6/10 PalMedia cameraman Salah Ziyad was shot with a live bullet in the belly and the media student who is interning at the AP Ala’ Daraghme was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the head while they were covering demonstrations near Qalandia checkpoint(south of Jerusalem).

On 7/10 the IOF physically assaulted the journalist Raed Al-Sharif after detaining him for few hours with his colleague Ra’ed Zughayyer in Hebron city. On the other hand, in Hebron also a group of Israeli settlers attacked PalMedia cameraman Amer Abdeen on 8/10 and threw his camera. The Israeli violations (by IOF and settlers) were committed against all the journalists who were in the clashes including: AP photographer Nasser Shyoukhi, AFP photographer Hazem Bader, Murad Ja’bari, Trans Media Chairman Amer Ja’bari, Reuters’ photographer Musa Qawasme and the Chinese new agency photographer Ma’moon Wazwaz.

In addition to all mentioned above, four journalists were injured by the IOF as a result of stun grenades and bullets shot at them in the Gaza Strip while they were covering demonstrations near Nahel Ouz military checkpoint east of Al-Shuja’ya. Two of the journalists were: Anatolia news agency photographer Metin Kaya; who was shot in the left hand and the journalists at Al-Quds International Fadi Thabet; who was directly targeted with a stun grenade which as a result of it he was unable to see or hear for about an hour until he got the treatment.

On Saturday 10/10 Al-Quds Newspaper photographer Muna Qawasme was shot by live bullet in her shoulder whilst she was covering the events in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem. Besides, Al-Haya Al-Jadida newspaper photographer Issam Rimawi was shot by a rubber-coated steel bullet in his foot while he was covering the clashes at the northern entrance of Al-Biereh city. On the same day, Filisteen Al-Yaum TV broadcast engineer Joude Abu Nijme was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet while the staff was covering a demonstration in Yatta village in Hebron, also, the IOF assaulted four journalists (AFP photographer Musa Al-Sha’er, Al-Quds.com photographer Abdul Rahman Younis, Xinhua photographer Lo’ay Sababa and Wafa news agency photographer Ahmad Mizher) in Bethlehem and prevented them from covering the events.

On the same day, the IOF also assaulted 4 journalists from Jenin (Filisteen Al-Yaum TV cameraman Almuthanna Sameer El-Deek and his colleague the TV’s correspondent Mujahed Al-Sa’di, the photojournalist Ali Samoudi and PalMedia cameraman Ahmad Kilani) whilst they were covering the clashes near Al-Jalame checkpoint; where Almuthanna Al-Deek was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his neck.

The Israelis commit other dangerous types of violations against Palestinian media; where an Israeli settler shared the photo of Filisteen Alan (Palestine Now) and Jerusalem Media Center correspondent and photographer Bayan Ragheb Al-Jua’ba on Facebook and wrote a comment claiming that she committed a stabbing incident in Jerusalem. As a result of his post, Al-Juba was subjected to a life threatening inciting campaign, she reported to MADA: “On 7/10 I headed to photograph the situation after the stabbing incident in Jerusalem, during that, one of the Military Special Forces Unit beat me and tore my Jilbab off “Muslim women’s coat” then the news of assaulting me was directly published on social media.”

She added: “On the next day, one of my friends told me that my photo is being shared on the Israeli websites with comments that I am the girl who committed the stabbing incident. Then I recognized that a settler created a group on Facebook and collected around 22 thousand members to incite against me, he shared my photo and wrote: This is the vandal who stabbed the Jew yesterday in the old city of Jerusalem. There were 300 likes on his post and around 100 comments to seek revenge.”

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) praises the role that the Palestinian journalists are playing in covering the clashes and wishes a speedy recovery for those injured. MADA also urges the international community to hold the perpetrators accountable and considers the impunity encourages the Israeli occupation and the settler to keep on the violations against media freedoms in Palestine.

In this regard, MADA reminds of the UN Security Council resolution number 2222 on protection of the journalists; which was adopted by all the members on 27/5/2015. MADA also urges to apply this resolution and to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for their continuous violations against journalists and media freedoms in Palestine.

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