Ministry of Health: 16 martyrs and 1000 bullet-injuries since the beginning of October


The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported today that 14 civilians were killed during the clashes with the Israeli forces as of beginning of October, of whom, six were killed in east of Gaza City and Khan Younis on Friday.

The ministry said in a press release conducted Friday evening, that as of the first of October until Friday evening, almost 10000 injuries are reported of live and rubber bullets where many of the injuries are described as serious, along with hundreds of suffocation cases resulted of poisoning gas bombs.

As per the reports, seven Palestinians were killed, 200 at least were injured of live and rubber bullets and another seven Palestinians suffered of bruises for being severely beaten in the confrontations with the Israeli forces in West Bank, east of Gaza and east of Khan Younis, until half past eight Friday evening.

Ministry of Health has stated that the aforementioned figures are only for Palestinians who have entered the public, non-governmental and private hospitals, adding that hundreds of gas suffocation cases and injuries have been treated on the sport in the field.

According to Ministry of Health, six Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces east of Gaza City and Khan Younis while another 145 Palestinians are injured. The martyrs are: Shadi Hosam Douleh (20 years), Ahmed Abed Al-Rahim Al-Herbawi (20 years), Abed Al-Wahidi (20 years), the child Mohammed Hisham Al-Raqab (15 years), Adnan Mousa Abu Elyan( 22 years), and Ziad Nabil Sharaf (20 years).

Friday morning, the Israelis have shot dead Mohammed Al-Jabari (19 years) in Hebron. Furthermore, 11 civilians were injured in the area, three of whom were shot lively in the foot, and the rest with rubber bullets. A young man was injured in the head by a rubber bullet and immediately entered into Yatta Public Hospital.

In Al-Bireh, near the Beit Eil settlement, 30 people were reported injured of Israeli bullets. Eight of them were injured of live bullets and the rest of rubber bullets during the clashes with the Israeli forces. Four cases were identified as serious and all the injuries were transferred to the Palestine Medical Compound for treatment.

In Bethlehem six Palestinians were injured, one live bullet injury is recorded in the foot while the others were injured with rubber bullets. Three young Palestinians were wounded by live bullets in the foot and abdomen in the clashes in Kofor Qadoum. In Beit Fourik, Nablus governorate, six Palestinians were injured of the Israeli soldiers and the settlers assaults. One Palestinian is severely attacked in the head.

During the confrontations near Al-Jalameh checkpoint in Jenin, 11 Palestinians were injured. Nine live bullets in the foot were recorded, two of rubber bullets, one in the neck.

In Jericho, a Palestinian was entered into Jericho Public Hospital of the injuries and bruises he suffered from after being severely attacked by Israeli soldiers.

The list below addresses the martyrs in Palestine as of first of October

West Bank martyrs:

Muhannad Halabi, Al-Bireh, (19 years)
Fadi Alon, Jerusalem, (19 years)
Amjad Hatem Al-Juneidy, Yatta, (17 years)
Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, Kafr Aqab, (19 years)
Child Abdul Rahman Obaidullah, Bethlehem, (11 years)
Hudthaifah Soleiman,Tulkarem, (18 years)
Wesam Jamal, Shuafat refugee camp, (20 years)
Mohammed Al-Jabari, Hebron, (19 years)
Ahmed Salah, Jerusalem (20)

Gaza Strip martyrs, Friday, 9/10/2015:

Shady Hossam Douleh, (20 years)
Ahmed Abdul Rahim Herbawi, (20 years)
Abd Al-Wahidi, (20 years)
Mohamad HishamAl-Raqb, (15 years)
Adnan Mousa Abu Elyan, (22 years)
Ziad Nabil Sharaf, (20 years)
Jehad Obeid, (22 years)

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