Palestinian prisoners in Ashkelon call to end their solitary confinement

Hosam association

According to Hossam, a Palestinian association for current and ex detainees based in Gaza, 10 Palestinian detainees in Ashkelon prison are calling their people and human rights organizations to put an end to their solitary confinement and to stop their suffering caused by holding them in difficult isolation conditions.

In a statement, spokesman of the Hossam, Osama Alwuhaidi said:

“The Palestinian detainees held in solitary confinement in Ashkelon prison are completely cut off from outside world and subjected to inhumane and provocative practices carried out by Israeli prison guards.”

Alwuhaidi added that Some of these detainees suffer from physical and psychological disorders as a result of their continued solitary confinement. 

The isolated detainees demanded the local Palestinian Media to pay more attention on their constant suffering and to highlight their cause at the local and international levels.

In their late message sent to Hossam, the detainees criticized the policy of silence practiced by international human rights organizations toward their plight and accused the international community of ignoring their suffering.

They clarified that some of them have spent over 3 years in solitary confinement and all of them are denied family visits and banned from meeting their lawyers since the beginning of their solitary confinement.

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