VIDEO: Tear gas engulfs iconic Bethlehem hotel as tensions mount

A VIDEO showing last night’s chaos on the streets of Bethlehem has been shared online.

Photojournalist Muhesen Amren posted his 3.42 minute long film at around 9.30pm yesterday. It has since been viewed over 11,000 times.

The film shows heavily armed Israeli soldiers and tanks blasting tear gas and shooting at Palestinians just metres from the main door of the Jacir Palace hotel on Jerusalem street in the north of the town last night.

The street is seen filled with gas, and several fires were also started on the road outside.

Formerly known as the Inter Continental, the stunning 100-year old hotel boasts an outdoor pool and spa and costs nearly 700 shekels (around £118) per night for a standard twin room.

jacir palace2
The spectacular hotel is the largest in the West Bank.

The largest hotel in the West Bank, it is popular with tourists visiting Rachel’s Tomb, just 200 metres away, and the Church of the Nativity.

The clashes began at around 4pm yesterday (Sunday), in the Aida refugee camp nearby and continued until at least 7pm.

Israelis had earlier fired multiple tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at around 100 people who had formed a blockade under the iconic “Key of Return” entrance to the camp.

Many of the Palestinians involved were children and young teenagers. One soldier was reportedly wounded by a home-made bomb.

Click here to see Muhesen’s video at his Facebook page