Police shot unarmed teenager on settlers’ orders, translated video shows

PNN/ Bethlehem/
A video documented during the execution of teenager Fadi Alloun (19) who was shot dead by Israeli police on Sunday dawn, shows that the teen was walking away from the settlers, who started shouting and giving orders to the police to shoot him.

The video, subtitled by BDS activist Ronnie Barkan, shows that the settlers were ordering the police to “shoot him,” saying that “he’s a terrorist.” The order was angrily repeated by the settlers, until the police gunned him down with approximately nine bullets.

The moment he fell to the ground, Israeli settlers started cursing at him, and shouting “Death to Arabs” in a celebratory manner, attacking and kicking him with their legs.

The Israeli media rushed to claim that Fadi stabbed an Israeli teenager at the scene. However, no name or photo were showed of anyone injured. In addition, the translated video shows the police asking “where is the injured?” and the settlers responded with “none here.”

A Background check of Fadi’s life shows that he was separated from his mother after Israel deported her to Jordan, because she could not get a family unification permit to stay in Jerusalem. He was now living with his father in East Jerusalem’s Al-Issawiya town.

Fadi’s body is still detained by Israel. However, the Israeli intelligence agreed to hand it to the family had midnight today to the Shu’fat cemetery, under the conditions that the family pays 20,000 Shekels (nearly $5,200) and only 50- 70 people attend the funeral.

Following the execution, dozens of private police forces units broke into Fadi’s home, raided it and kidnapped his father, brother and uncle.

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