IOF blow up Jenin home after besieging it for 3 hours

PNN/ Jenin/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday morning have stroke down with rockets the home of Qais Al-Sa’adi, member of Hamas’s military wing, Al-Qassam brigades, after besieging it for over three hours and calling him to hand in himself on speakers. 

Sources said that intense forces broke into Jenin refugee camp, surrounded the home and turned the surrounding homes into military zones. IOF then shelled the house with rockets.

The Israeli tenth channel claimed that this happened in light of Al-Sa’adi’s intents to carry an operative.

The shelling did not result in injuries. However, clashes erupted between youths and Israeli forces leading to the injury of two youths by gunfire who were moved to The Martyr Khalil Suleiman hospital.

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