Settlers break into the Solomon pools in Irtas village, south of Bethlehem, West Bank, (Quds News Network)

Bethlehem: Settlers withdraw from Solomon pools after early break-in

PNN/ Bethlehem/
About 200 Israeli settlers on Thursday morning broke into the historical site of Solomon pools in Irtas village south of Bethlehem, and withdrew after the popular struggle committees made them. 

The settlers broke into the city under the pretext of holding religious rituals in the Solomon pools site.

Head of the Popular struggle coordination committee, Munther Amira, told PNN that this is not the first time that settlers break into the site, heavily guarded by Israeli forces. Popular struggle activists then rushed to the site to make them leave for their illegal break-in.

Amira said that the Solomon pools have always been targeted by Israeli occupation, despite being part of the A lands according to the Oslo accords, and is a public property surrounded by lands of villagers.

According to 2013 records, Area A, comprises about 18% of the land in the West Bank, which includes all the Palestinian cities and most of the Palestinian population of the West Bank; the Palestinian Authority (PA) is endowed with most governmental powers this area.

Area B, comprises approximately 22% of the West Bank and encompasses large rural areas; Israel retained security control of the area and transferred control of civil matters to the PA. Area C covers 60% of the West Bank (about 330,000 hectares); Israel has retained almost complete control of this area, including security matters and all land-related civil matters, including land allocation, planning and construction, and infrastructure. The PA is responsible for providing education and medical services to the Palestinian population in Area C.


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