Watch: PNN cameraman leaves camera to help old lady suffocating during demonstration

PNN/ Bethlehem/

At the time when he covering clashes in midst of intense teargas and gunfire, Jad Jado, the cameraman at PNN chose to help an old lady suffocating under the gas, and leave his camera behind.

The demonstration, which was launched by dozens of Bethlehem youths heading to the 300 Israeli checkpoint annexed to the apartheid wall, was immediately repressed by IOF, ignoring the presence of elders and children at the spot.

Following that, Jado says that he noticed the old lady leaning against a wall, trapped by the teargas, bullets and soldiers, adding that she was out of breath, sobbing. 

Jado rushed to help the woman, by taking off his teargas mask and giving it to her. Then he put down his camera and called the medics to rush her to the hospital.

Jado says that when he saw the old woman, he could not strict to his professionalism and chose to help her, adding that it was his duty as a human.

The video, filmed by journalist Osayd Amarneh, went viral in a few hours, showing commitment to humanity over competition.

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