Abbas “bombshell” speech to take place at UNGA Wednesday

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas on September 17 promised to “drop a bombshell” at the end of the speech he’ll be giving to the United Nations on Wednesday.

About a week ago, a senior official in the PA revealed to PNN the main points that Abbas will tackle in the United Nations headquarters. 

These include attempts to internationally declare Palestine a state under occupation, with Israel being the occupying power, and discussing the political and financial situation of the PA, and the failure of American and European attempts to revive the peace process which has stopped due to Israeli violation

The initial speculation was that Abbas would repudiate the terms of the 1994 Oslo peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, on the grounds that Israel has not fully complied with the agreement, and that the agreement has not accomplished anything of value, since the Israelis continue to build settlements at will, peace negotiations have gone nowhere.

On the other hand, Israeli intelligence sources say that Abbas’s associates are opposed to dismantling the Palestinian Authority. Dismantling the PA would also mean disconnecting the Palestinians from the European Commission Ad Hoc Liaison Committee on assistance to the Palestinians, which funnels over $1 billion annually to the PA’s bank account, paying the salaries of over 160,000 Palestinian employees.

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