IOF close the entrances of Jerusalem old city in preps for Yom Kippur

Settlers break into Al-Aqsa mosque, security heightened in Jerusalem

PNN/ Jerusalem/

A group of extremist Israeli settlers on Wednesday morning broke into the yards of Al-Aqsa mosque from Al-Magharba gate, heavily guarded by Israeli soldiers and police forces.

Israeli Occupation Forces before dawn have closed the entrances of the old city and heightened security around the Haram Al-Sharif (Al-Aqsa mosque) for the Jewish Yom Kippur that began on Tuesday, and will last till Wednesday.

On Monday night, IOF have formed a military siege around the Aqsa mosque and the old city of Jerusalem, in addition to the occupied West Bank, to “control and prevent clashes.” 

IOF put tight restrictions on the Muslim worshipers’ entry to the mosque, while the Israeli settlers were easily granted entrance to the Buraq wall (Western wall). 

During the past ten days, IOF have kidnapped about 150 Palestinians in Jerusalem alone. The clashes have been on the rise, especially with the continuous settler attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque.  

Al-Aqsa mosque is considered the First Qiblah and the Third holiest place in Islam. However, Israeli settlers forcefully and habitually break into its yards, against Islamic belief.

Zionist Jews claim that Al-Aqsa sits above the temple mount, which is the holiest place in Judaism.

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