Diaa's parents bid the last farewell after son was moved to the hospital

Video: IOF shoot dead Palestinian youth

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Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Tuesday overnight have shot dead a 21-year-old Palestinian from Dura village near Hebron, southern West Bank.

According to security sources, the troops shot Diaa Talahmeh by the Kharsa circle in the village during an army operative.

Photo of Diaa standing in front of Al-Aqsa mosque
Photo of Diaa standing in front of Al-Aqsa mosque

Israeli Forces reportedly prevented ambulances, villagers and journalists from approaching the area, turning it into a closed military zone, whereas Diaa’s blood was left to liquidate .

Clashes sparked by the circle right after the killing, and dozens of citizens were suffocated.

Israeli army spokeswoman claimed that the military patrol had been deployed to clear stones blocking a road outside the flashpoint city of Hebron.

She also claimed that the youngster had been killed by a “makeshift bomb he had been preparing to throw at the patrol,” but did not say whether or not the troops had opened fire.

“The soldiers heard an explosion and during a search of the sector they found the body of a Palestinian killed by the explosive device he intended to throw at one of our vehicles,” she said.

The clashes all started about ten days ago with the provocative settler stormings into Al-Aqsa mosque, causing tensions to rise all over the West Bank.

Graphic Video: The arrival of Talahmeh to the hospital after his blood has liquidated.

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